The swamp creatures live!

Robert Mueller reared his head from the swamp for a few minutes last week to throw one last parting shot at President Trump. In the effort to assist the Democrats in their never ending effort to get Trump, Mueller threw out a hail Mary pass hoping desperately that the Democrats would catch it, and take it into the end zone for an impeachment touch down. The self righteous Mueller came out, and insinuated that the the reason his team did not say Trump obstructed justice is because of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel’s (OLC) guidance that one cannot indict a sitting President. 

This statement by Mueller starkly contradicted what Attorney General Barr had told Congress. Barr stated that on three separate occassions he had asked Mueller if the reason he did not conclude obstrucion of justice was because of the OLC guidance. Barr said that Mueller was very clear on those three occasions that the OLC guidance had nothing to do with why he came to his conclusion. Barr claims that Mueller said this in the presence of Justice Department officials.

Now keep in mind that the report is there for anyone who wants to read it. The report does not say that the OLC guidance had anything to do with  Mueller’s decision to  indict for obstruction of justice. Even if Mueller thought that he could not indict a sitting President beause of the OLC guidance, it does not prevent him from stating unequivocally that Trump obstructed justice. Instead, what Mueller did was refuse to come to any conclusion at all, then on May 29th., 2019 he attempted to make it look like he came to the conclusion that Trump did obstruct justice, but he could not do anything about it. But that is not what his report says ladies and gentlemen! He attempted to add to the report after he already submitted it.

Even with all of his insinuations, and the nod to Nancy Pelosi that it is up to her and Congress now to make Trump feel the pain; he still did not say that Trump obstructed justice. Instead he said that “if we felt that the President had committed no crime we would have said so.” Folks, that is not how the justice system works. People accused of commiting a crime start out on the presumption of innocence, and if there is not enough evidence that an individual commited a crime, prosecutors must come to a conclusion, and state that there is no evidence, or not enough evidence of a crime. What Prosecutors don’t do is say “well we can’t say the person did do it, but we can’t say he/she did not do it either.” That is just not the way it is done. 

Anyway, Robert Mueller accomplished his mission, and he got the incurious, one sided presss salivating at the signs of life for impeachment, and the Democrats went into a feeding frenzy making renewed calls for Trump’s impeachment. 

Perhaps the biggest take away from all of this though is that Robert Mueller stated he would not take any questions from the press, and he made it very clear that he does not want to come before Congress to answer any more questions about his report.

For anyone who has followed this saga closely, it makes sense that Mueller does not want to come before Congress because while the Democrats will be kissing his feet, he will be called to account by Republicans for all of the troubling events, actions and conduct of the FBI prior to and during their investigation of Trump. 

In addition Mueller would have to answer why his team was stacked with over a dozen Democrat lawyers, Hillary Clinton campaign contributors, and others so closely linked to the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the Clinton foundation. He would have to answer why his lead investigative lawyer is a man who has been chided in the past by a judge for unethical behavior?

Why is it that after Mueller found text messages on the phone of the lead FBI investigators that clearly showed they were biased against the President, that Mueller sent the phones back to the manufacture and had them wiped clean ? He would have to tell curious members of congress why it is that Jim Comey used the Steele Dossier to get the FISA warrants to begin looking into the Trump campaign, but when Comey briefed Trump on the Steele Dossier he said that it was salacious and unverified.  He would have to explain what he did when he found out that the FBI agent who opened the investigation into the Trump campaign is the same agent who conducted the defensive briefing of Trump. 

 Make no mistake, Robert Mueller does not want to be questioned by congress unless it is only Democrats who will be questioning him. There are too many unanswered questions in the report. Do not believe him when he says the reason he does not wish to talk to Congress is because his report says it all. It is because of the many unanswered questions that exist in the report.

With the wide mandate that he had, and that he used to go after Paul Manafort and others, why did he not use that same mandate to at least look further into misconduct by those who were investigating Trump. For instance after he found out that the FBI planted information in the Trump campaign, then used the information that they planted in the campaign as a reason to get FISA warrants. Did Mueller not think that was worth looking into?

No siree, Mr. Mueller certainly does not want to testify before congress. He is an anti Tumper with conflicts of interest. He will not only be questioned by the Demcrats who worship him and he wants to avoid that. He will also have to answer questions that Republicans are longing to ask him. 

The Democrats at their most bizarre…so far

The Democrats at their absolute worst

After being exposed in the Russian Collusion Delusion, the Democrats have fallen back on their go to tactic…name calling and character assassination. As the Democrats sat with the Mueller report a hand’s reach from them, with it confirming that Trump did not collude with the Russians, it was mind blowing to see them insist that the AG misrepresented the findings of the report. How sick is that ladies and gentlemen? To see them go after the AG in the most vicious manner that they did is just unbelievable. They continue to talk about the summary that AG Barr released a few weeks ago, and to hear these people talk, one would think that the full report said something that was completely different than what Barr had released in the summary back in April. At the end of the day, no matter how you read it, the report unequivocally concludes that neither President Trump nor any American citizen colluded with any foreign power in the effort to defeat Hillary Clinton. That is what the report said. Hate it if you like, be angry about it, lose sleep over it, do whatever you want, but…no collusion. In addition the Dems continue to also press the AG on the whole issue of obstruction, despite the AG telling them over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and…that Robert Mueller told him his decision to not pursue obstruction of justice was not based on the Department of Justice’s policy to not indict a sitting President. This is what Acting AG Rod Rosenstein said a few weeks ago after Barr first released the report. Remember, Rod Rosenstein is no friend of Trump. In fact he is the one who supposedly wanted to use the 25th amendmentment to get rid of Trump by secrectly having members of Trump’s cabinet record him. Here’s Rosenstein (again, no fan of Trump):“AG Barr’s being as forthcoming as he can, and so this notion that he’s trying to mislead people, I think is just completely bizarre.” Rosenstein continued “It would be one thing if you put out a letter and said, “I’m not going to give you the report,’” Rosenstein said. “What he said is, ‘Look, it’s going to take a while to process the report. In the meantime, people really want to know what’s in it. I’m going to give you the top-line conclusions.’ That’s all he was trying to do.” Barr did just that by releasing the entire report so that anyone who is interested in knowing what it says can read it. These Democrat politicians know that Mr. Barr could not release the report unless he followed certain guidelines stipulated by law, but who is surprised by this behavior by the Democrats?. 

Crazy uncle Joey

Old Joey is at it again. You remember Joey don’t you? He’s is the guy who back in 2012 told a bunch of black people that Mitt Romney “wanna put yall back in chains.” Yes, that guy! You might also remember him from his remark that you could not go in to a 711 without a slight Indian accent. He also described his buddy Barrack this way “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” Uh-huh, that Joey. well Joey just knows in his heart that black people are single issue voters, and all he has to do is pull out the “r” word and black people would trample each other rushing to the polls to vote for the Democrat candidate in the election. Ideas be damned. So there was old Joey telling  folks that Donald Trump was returning the country to Jim Crow. How dare this gaffe machine, how dare he? Jim Crow was real. It was an evil perpetrated on the lives of black people, real human beings at a very awful time in this country’s history. Yet here is this shameless white liberal invoking Jim Crow to scare black people. How dare this man! Listen to him as he continues to go to his Democrat playbook, he claimed that “24 states introduced or enacted at least 70 bills to curtail the right to vote.” As usual, the claim is that black people and minorities will be affected the most by these laws. Legislatures across the country have introduced bills to protect the franchise, by removing dead people, and other ghost voters off the voting rolls, and ensuring that people who vote are citizens of the United States. The bills attempt to ensure that people are residents in the  areas they vote, plus other legitimate measures that ensure the franchise remains sacred. Joe Biden is hoping that blacks would be in such a malaise over imagined racism that they would continue to pledge their allegiance to the party that has enacted every single racist law that has ever been passed in this country, when racism was really a major issue systematically keeping black people down. Never forget that. Every racist law that was ever passed was passed by a Democrat legislature, signed by a Democrat President or a Democrat Governor, and carried out by Democrat enforcers like Bull Connor. Every single law! And if you want to know how blacks are really doing under Democrats today, go visit the inner cities that they run. That is the reality of the Democrat Party.

They are trolling us

Is the Democrat Party trolling us, seriously? Are they consciously, deliberately flicking their boogers at us? These people are always accusing others of doing the stuff that they are actively engaged in. Nancy Pelosi says that she fears President Trump will not accept voting results if the Democrats win by a narrow margin. Can you believe the audacity of this woman and her minion? The Democrat Party has spent the last two years trying to overturn the results of the last elections by perpetrating the biggest fraud on Americans in the history of the country. That is not hyperbole. For the two hundred and forty plus years of America’s history, we have never seen anything like the ruse that they played on the American people in the form of the Russian witch hunt. Anyone who was paying attention to the Russian collusion delusion saga knows that there was never an ounce of legitimacy to it from the very beginning, yet they played the country for a gang of fools. Why? Because they refused to accept the reality that an uncultured real estate agent with no political experience beat them at their silly game. So here is Nancy Pelosi saying with all earnestness that she is afraid Donald Trump would not accept if he loses the election by a narrow margin. If ever there was a case of classic projection, this is it. This is high level sick stuff we are witnessing right before our eyes on a daily basis. Hillary Clinton, just in the last few days has claimed that the elections was stolen from her. Stacey Abrams is on tour telling anyone who would listen that she won the Georgia Governor’s election. The Dems are even claiming that they did not lose the Florida election either, and on and on it goes. These are the same people who up to this day, claim that they did not lose the 2000 elections. They also  refused to accept that they lost the Minnesota seat in 2008, in addition to any seat that they lose by a close margin. With every recount of that Minnesota seat back in 2008, votes just kept magically appearing by the thousands all in favor of the Democrat candidate, until the Republican candidate just gave up and conceded. We saw it once again in Arizona in the last elections. Yet here these people are, talking about Trump not accepting election results…wow. These are truly dangerous people!