Blacks, hard work and sports entertainment

Think about all of the black athletes who dominate the major league sports in America. Even in many of the sports that black people do not traditionally play, we have seen black athletes come to dominate these sports. It is a testament to the hard work that they put in to be successful at their chosen endeavor.

Tiger Woods rose to dominate the world of golf and in doing so inspired other young black boys to get involved in the sport. The Williams sisters ascended to the top of the tennis world. They too have inspired many young black girls and boys to get involved in the sport, and achieve success. Bubba Wallace worked hard and he broke through to become a favorite driver in Nascar.

Most of the super stars in the NBA are black. The league is about 70 percent black even though blacks make up about 13 percent of the population. Lebron James has mastered his craft and reaped the benefits of his dedication. The top quarterback in the NFL just signed the first half a billion dollar contract in the world of sport. He is a black, man and one heck of a football player. He was rewarded for his skill and hard work.
To make it in the world of sport and earn a living doing it is extremely difficult. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, talent, and timing. It is really, really difficult to make it it the world of sport.

For many young black men, they see sports as the only way to make it out of their difficult circumstances and though the percentage of people who earn their living playing sports is very low, of the number who do make it, the percentage of black people who do make it is quite significant.
They are successful because they put in the hours to harness their skills. They make the sacrifices necessary to improve their skills. They put in the long hours of practice. They spent countless hours practicing free throws, throwing the football, hitting the baseball, running the tracks, doing what ever it takes to be successful.

When clubs see the value that these dedicated men and women can add to their organizations, these clubs do not hesitate to make them a part of their team. Color does not matter because of what they bring to the organization.
The Los Angeles Lakers is a valued franchise because of the long list of talented players who have been a part of their organization, a larger number of these players being black. Lebron James is the top basketball player in the world and his sheer presence on the Los Lakers, together with a group of other really talented players makes the team’s games must see exhibitions.

Nobody cares that there are so many black men on the teamare. When people come to see them play the fans just want to see great basketball. Lebron James, his top compeer Anthony Davis, and the rest of their cohorts seldom fail to deliver.

They have dedicated themselves to their craft. They have put in the hard work to get where they are, and have earned all of the rewards that they reap. Because they are so good at what they do, many other opportunities have automatically opened to them. They now traverse worlds that otherwise, they may not have known. They are reaping what they have sown.

Now with all of the talk that we hear about how terrible and hard it is for black people to make it in America, imagine a world in which many young black people demonstrated the same dedication to becoming engineers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, computer programmers, teachers, entrepreneurs, public servants and other professions.

Would these black people not have the same measure of success, and the opportunities that come in their chosen fields of endeavor? Or does America hate black people so much that the only place black people can be successful is in the field of entertainment where they fit a certain stereotype?

South Africa under Apartheid today, what if…

Imagine that the year is 2020. By some strange twist of faith and events, Nelson Mandela is still in prison. The Government of South Africa is still brutally and systematically oppressing the black citizens of South  Africa, and the only reason for this subjugation of the people is because they are black. That’s it!  

Somewhere along the line though, the world decided that economic and political sanctions against the South African government was actually counter productive the people. The reasoning is that by opening South Africa’s economy to trade with the rest of the world and ceasing to isolate them in other ways it would lead to more political freedom, and the less human rights abuses as the country begins to prosper. 

Eventually the people of South Africa will be free because the country would not realize its full potential if 95 percent of the people cannot fully participate as free citizens. Sounds good in theory, but with each passing year the world looks on, and turns a blind eye as the white South African government becomes more savage, and the black citizens of South Africa continue to live in fear of their government. 

In the midst of all of this, there has been some economic mobility for the people despite the oppression. The South African government gains prominence in the world, and multi national corporations and conglomerates are reaping the economic benefits of an open South Africa. Many of these businesses have become rich beyond measure as a result, and their fortunes, to a significant extent are directly linked to South Africa, especially American companies. 

As South Africa continues to gain in influence around the globe and they become richer, it seems as though the world has forgotten the original reasons for opening up the country to trade and other activities. 

In the meantime, Nelson Mandela continues to sit in jail, and there is not one inch of movement toward a free South Africa for all of the people. Apartheid continues to be their political system, and in fact, they continue to grow even worse. 

Although generally speaking, the lives of many black South Africans have definitely improved, they are still lagging behind the rest of the world. There is still a significant number of the population who are  suffering economically, and though there is more hope to climb out of poverty, and there is reason for a positive outlook where that is concerned, the people know that their government still does not tolerate political dissent. 

Political opponents of the government are still beaten, tortured, or thrown in prison, and often times killed. Organs are harvested, and rape is used as an act of intimidation by the government. The families of political opponents are targeted and made to suffer for the actions of their relatives who dare to oppose the oppressive South African regime, then one day something happens. Another Soweto youth uprising occurs, just like in 1976, because the people are fed up of being oppressed, despite the economic improvement in their lives. They want freedom.

 Unfortunately though, just like in 1976, the authorities respond just as violently to the uprising. The people continue to protest nevertheless, and the actions of these young people lead to a revived movement in the fight for freedom.With each passing day, the government’s response to the movement growers harsher. 

Somewhere across the world, in a show of solidarity with the black population of South Africa, a guy by the name of Daryl Morey, a general manager of the Houston Rockets basketball team in the NBA sends out a tweet. The tweet ignites the ire of the white racist South African Government who then threatens the NBA with retaliation for allowing the Houston Rockets general manager to criticize their oppressive racist government. 

The star player of the Houston Rockets even apologizes to the South Africans for his boss’s tweet supporting the oppressed people of South Africa. Many people are shocked and outraged by the NBA kowtowing to the South African Government who is telling Americans what they are allowed to say in their own country. 

Everybody then turns to the NBA’s social justice warrior extraordinaire to get a response and they are dissapointed because he too refused to support the people of South Africa suffering under the thumb of their oppressive government. Instead the king of social justice warriors in the sports world talks about how the tweet had the potential to jeopardize people financially and in other ways. 

Dissatisfied with that answer from the guy who knows how to speak truth to power, the people press him further. Finally he says “I’d be cheating my teammates by continuing to harp on something that won’t benefit us trying to win a championship because that’s what we’re here for,” he concluded “We’re not politicians. 

In other words, he’s just going to shut up and dribble.

Well…this is all a hypothetical scenario, but can you imagine it?

Lebron James and the SJW movement

Lebron James quoting Dr. Martin Luther King:

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

This guy who is always popping off at the mouth,  and telling us what a God awful terrible country America is could not muster the courage to speak a word against a country that mercilessly persecutes its people for the wrong political opinion. 

Lebron James is a typical social justice warrior. He creates false battles in which he portrays himself as the hero. He then basks in the adoration as people call him brave. He gets to pat himself on the back as he pretends to “speak truth to power.”

 Lebron James’ idea of bravery is wearing a hoodie with “Black lives matter” emblazoned across the front. People like Lebron James love to take the bad things that happen in America, and exploit them by using these unfortunate situations to portray them as the norm. They hardly ever speak a good word about the United States.

When Lebron wants to speak truth to power, he turns his attention to the President of the United States, and calls him a bum, then he self righteously declares that he will never sit across from the President.

Yes sir, that Lebron sure is brave.

This young man who knows first hand the value of hard work, (good for him) and reaped millions upon million upon millions of dollars as a result only heaps scorn on the country that has afforded him so many opportunities.

He can’t even muster a word of support for a general manager who sent out a tweet supporting the people of Hong Kong who are truly fighting for freedom.

Truth is ladies and gentlemen, Lebron James is not brave. He is not like any of the brave sportsmen in the past who have fought against true injustice in America.

He is no James Brown. He is certainly no Muhammed Ali. Muhammed Ali stood for something when he had so much to lose, but he held his ground because his cause was righteous. 

Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Rosa Parks and others, these people were true heroes. Some of them gave their lives in the fight against injustice (real injustice). 

When Lebron James speaks “truth to power”, he gets accolades. He is praised by America haters who shower him with compliments.

No one should be surprised by Lebron’s hesitance to criticize China or support the General manager of the Houston Rockets who dared tweet his support for true freedom fighters. 

We have seen this movie before. 

While Colin Kaepernick was calling the police pigs, he was at the same time wearing a T-shirt of the murderous dictator Fidel Castro.

On college campuses, and everywhere across the country, young lefties shamelessly sport T-shirts of a man who famously hated black people, the mass murderer Che Guevarra, while they simultaneously tell anyone who would listen how awful life in America is.

They openly side with and support organizations like the Palestinian Authority that supports terrorists who slash the throats of babies, and oppress muslims all across the Middle East. 

These same social justice warriors save all of their venom for Israel, the only Democracy in the most hostile part of the world, where enemies threaten Israel with annihilation everyday. 

They call Israel an apartheid state.

This is the left ladies and gentlemen, heroes of false battles, champions fighting make believe oppression, but silent when they have a chance to truly speak out against real tyranny.