Bernie Sanders and Socialism

Let’s just put it out there. If you believe in socialism, you believe in an evil system that has done nothing to improve the lives of people anywhere in the world. It has caused nothing but unimaginable misery, pain and suffering to millions. Tens of millions of people have literally died under this evil system, but for some reason Americans think that they can do it with better results.

They listen to Bernie Sanders promise his Utopian paradise and they become enchanted, mesmerized and enthralled. They hear the foolish talk about equality, and without thinking it through they think that some way, some how, Bernie is the man with the formula to make everybody equal and prosperous. That will continue to be a pipe dream.

People have different abilities, different levels of commitment, different tolerance for risk. Some work harder than others, some are just more talented. Steve Jobs did not become a multi-billionaire because he cheated anyone, but because of his innovation, neither did Bill Gates. Does anyone think that the Government can manage the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and well as that organization has? And if Bil Gates never wanted to give a cent to charity, then that is his right. It is no one else’s money to take.

In addition to all of that there is this thing called life that at times is simply difficult and sometimes some people just have bad experiences. Bernie and the rest of his socialist buddies, come along and tells everyone that he is going to take from those who have been successful and give to those who have not.

Ladies and gentlemen that is not kind, that thinking breeds the worst in human nature. It stirs up jealousy and anger by telling people they deserve what others have simple because they they are alive and deserve to have it also.

The irony though is that Bernie Sanders does not practice what he preaches. He himself has three homes, he receives a pension from a job he left over forty years ago, and as a politician he earns over two hundred thousand dollars every year with perks and benefits that none of us could ever dream. Why should he get all of that while there are suffering people in the world. In addition he has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from his book, and he is worth millions of dollars. What gives him the right to his money?

When crazy Bernman was asked about the money he has gained from his book, he said “I didn’t know it was a crime to write a good book.” In other words I deserve my millions. All the other millionaires that he rails against every day do not deserve theirs.

If Bernie was so concerned about fairness, he would take the millions that he has gained from his book and distribute it to the binders, the printers, the cover designers, editors and all of the others involved in the production of that book who earned just a milli fraction of what he earned. He would ensure that every body involved in the final product earned the same amount as he did. But you see, old Bernie would not do that, because like socialists all over the world, Bernie is content to live the life of luxury while at the same time stir up hatred toward anyone else who happens to be successful.

Simply put Bernie Sanders is a fraud.

Socialists like Bernie use enticing language like paying a fair share, but they do not define what that means. What they really want to do is put control in the hands of a few elites in government who tell people how to live.

In the name of fairness they create a lot of rules that gives the government more and more power, and control over people’s lives. In the meanwhile the people never reach beyond a level of success where they could depend on themselves, but they keep looking to the government to make their lives better. They only ever get enough to keep them going back with their palms turned upwards to the government.

In those societies the equality is that everyone has is that they are all equally miserable. No one can help anyone because no one is doing better than anyone.

The Bernies of the world have decided it is evil for some people to be successful while others are not. Like most socialist of the world who do not believe in God, they attempt to take the place of God with their misguided policies in the name of fairness.

This is the same Bernie Sanders who once praised Venezuela and said “These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina.”

If that is true why do so many of people in these societies flee, many of them hoping they can get their feet on the soil of the United States of America?