Some thoughts on the fake news media

Don Lemon and his chums laugh it up as they mock half the country

Check out this unabashed segment of unprofessionalism from America’s primary fake news network (FNN), and one of their main “news” anchors, the incurious and intellectually lazy Don Lemon.

Keep in mind that Don Lemon markets himself as a straight news journalist, not a liberal media commentator or an opinion presenter.

He is just a journalist who does not take sides.

He just tells it like it is!

Here is Mr. journalist and his colleagues engaging in some good ol’ elitist rib tickling, thigh slapping ridicule of the people they consider themselves to be better than, at least half of the country.

This is not the first time Mr. Lemon has engaged in this behavior. Ridicule and self righteous posturing is part of his schtick. This is how he caters to his crazy left wing audience of 7.

This is how he keeps them loyal. Red meat for the base as they love to say.

Now it’s quite ok for Mr. Lemon to engage in this kind of sophomoric behavior if he chooses. Just stop pretending to be an objective journalist whose main purpose it is to be objective as he dispenses information.

Could you imagine Brett Baier, Chris Wallace, Martha MacCallum, or Bill Hemmer of Fox News engaging in this kind of behavior. Well, can you…?

There is a place for what Lemon does in the Media information business.

He just needs to be honest about what he does.

That’s all people ask.

These clowns still do not get why so many people consider them to be fake news.

                                                                                                                                                                           The media fact checks Adam Schiff

Whaaat!?! MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and the New York times are fact checking Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler to see how many lies they told during their long speeches during the impeachment trial today.

They are examining how many straw men they summoned, how much outright lies, how mischaracterizations, and even how much hateful rhetoric they both spewed.

Whaaat!?! It can’t be true. I must be deceived.

Well actually it’s not true, that only happened in a dream. These networks are too busy right now doing obeisance to Schiff to do any such thing.

Before I awoke from the dream, a reality checker reassured me that it was just a dream, and also reassured me that that kind of scrutiny is reserved exclusively for President Trump.

We do not scrutinize Democrats and go through with a fine tooth comb everything they say like we do for Trump, the fact checker said.

Man…It seemed so real though, shoulda known betta…

More white supremacy hysteria by the media

The media did everything in their power to portray the second amendment supporters hosting a rally in Virginia a few days ago as white supremacists.

In their coverage of the rally they actually had people saying that it is going to be a white supremacist rally and not a second amendment rally.

This actually happened.

They said it over and over, and over again to anyone listening. White supremacist rally, white supremacist rally, white supremacist rally…

In fact looking at the coverage of the rally, one would have thought it was a rejuvenation of the Klu Klux Klan and not just average Americans protesting their government.

White supremacist rally, white suremacist rally was the refrain. Expect violence. Militias looking to stir up trouble…rah…rah…rah!

Just like the days of the Tea Party, the rally was peaceful, uneventful for the most part and people participating in the Democratic process. The people let their voices be heard, the rally was over and everyone went back home.


It was anything but a white supremacist rally!

The damage was done though and they did not spend the same amount of effort correcting their blatant false coverage.

Just another example of the Fake News media doing what they do best.


This is why they are not trusted.

What if the media still had their monopoly?

Can anyone imagine if Breitbart news did not exist, or Fox News (even though Fox has their Trump haters too). What if there was no Newsbusters, or no Daily Wire, or if the Daily Caller did not exist? Imagine if the Fake news media still had their monopoly and all that we were seeing is coverage with their spin. Is it any wonder they hate Breitbart and all the other alternative sites that give us the news?

Here is the big difference though. Trump’s supporters know what they say on the Fake New networks because they have to point out the unfairness of their coverage and expose them for their fakery.

The people who watch the Fake news on the other hand do not know what is being covered on Fox etc. because they simply dismiss them as Fake news also. They do not have anything to measure against what they hear.

This is why things that Fox and Breitbart were reporting three years ago is now being reported in the NY Times and CNN like it is breaking news and their readers do not even know the difference.

From Russian collusion to quid pro quo

Are Americans paying attention to what is going on with this impeachment witch hunt? It cannot be possible that people hate President Trump so much that they are willing to put all of the regular processes on the way things are done, aside, just because of their rabid hatred for this man.

The Democrats are conducting an impeachment inquiry in secret!

It is difficult to believe that this is happening in America. That may sound like a cliche, but please do not take that statement as a flippant use of the sentiment. This is not the kind of thing that happens in America.

The Democrat Party is trying to unseat the President of the United States in secret hearings.

Make no mistake, impeachment is a political act that the Democrats have every right to conduct, but the way that they are conducting it is more in keeping with something that is out the playbook of the Cuban, Venezuelan or perhaps the former Soviet Union regime.

Just in case you did not get it, the Democrat Party is trying to unseat the President of the United States, and doing it via a secret impeachment inquiry. They are then leaking out selective parts of witnesses’ testimony to the dishonest media with the public having absolutely no context to anything that was said in the hearing.

Today the word of the day was “devastating.” Everyone in the media repeated that word with the gusto of a second grade class reciting their times tables.

The incurious media kept repeating how devastating to the President the testimony of one witness was. So with the charlatan press repeating how devastating the testimony was, and how much it was a blow to Trump, are the American people supposed to take the word of these untrustworthy snakes?

We have known that the media lies and lies and lies and lies when the truth is evident for all to see. Are we supposed to take the word of Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Chuck Todd, Chris Hayes, or Chris Matthews when the whole process is taking place in secret.

These are the same people of the Russia collusion hoax. They knew the truth from the very beginning, yet they played the ruse with breathless enthusiasm for two and a half years. How many times have we heard them declare that this time they have the goods on Trump only to see their narrative fade out with a whimper. These frauds do not deserve the public’s trust.

Today Republicans in the house had to storm the hearing in order to make a point because the Democrats refuse to allow them to be in the room while the Democrats question witnesses.

What is this?

There is no way that this is ok even if one is the biggest Trump hater. In this process only the Democrats have been allowed to subpoena witnesses and the President’s lawyers are not even allowed to be in the room as people make their claims about what he did.

The chairman of the intelligence committee (why is the house intelligence committee doing the hearing and not the judiciary committee) conducting the inquiry is not even going to call the so called whistle blower to testify. Do you get that? The person who started the whole charade is not going to be called by the Chairman, and that person’s identity is going to remain a secret.

This is absolute madness!

How is it even possible that in the midst of all of this nonsense the news media never ever grills Democrat politicians with the same fierceness and intensity that they do Republicans. Why are there never no confrontational interviews with the Democrats? How come they are never asked piercing questions from the other side’s perspective? Why are Democrats never interrupted as they spin? Why does the media never ever highlight their lies? Are the Democrats pure as the wind driven snow and therefore there is no reason for the media to ever be tough with them?

The truth is the media has taken a side and they are now on a mission to destroy the President, so they are willing to look past all of the irregularities, the vitriol, the nastiness and the unfairness of the Democrats.

As far as the media is concerned, right now the Democrats are doing God’s work and they are just there to help it along.

This is incredible to watch.

For anyone who missed it, the Democrat party is conducting an impeachment inquiry in secret. Let that sink in.

Republicans have been locked out of the hearing, and they cannot subpoena witnesses. Only the Democrats get to call their witnesses. The President’s lawyers are not present, they cannot question witnesses, and on and on the madness goes.

In the meanwhile, the media who always lectures the lowly proletariat about speaking truth to power refuses to give a balance perspective.


If you are a Trump supporter watching this nonsense unfold, let this steel your resolve to make sure that these people do not get their way.