Greta and climate doomsayers

Oh oh! This time it is true. We know it is true because the 16 year old doomsayer from Sweden has declared it to be true. 

Humanity will do well to pay attention to this teenager who has clearly shown that she knows what she is talking about when she speaks of the impending doom that is about to befall all of mankind. 

Be careful now! She has been flinging about the word science in order validate her claims. Everyone knows that people are supposed to bow and do obeisance to the word “science” whenever some important person tosses it out, and make no mistake; lil miss Greta is important. 

So everyone, just go ahead and cast aside your ability to think, to read, to understand, to analyze and compare data, and arguments , etc. The all powerful word, “science” renders anything that you think as useless.  Deductive reasoning be damned! Inductive reasoning…psst…get outta here with that? Abductive reasoning what!?! SCIENCE!!! So there you go. Beat that! 

Having cleared that up (you’re welcome), let’s just go ahead and agree with the sixteen year old halo wearing kid from Sweden lecturing world leaders and citizens around the globe. If we do not stop using gasoline and other products that are derived from fossil fuels we’re all gonna die in…in…in 15 years, no in 25 years, make that…um…17 years. Ok lets just go ahead and play it safe…in one hundred years.

This child, wise beyond her years is undoubtedly humanity’s last hope. We must listen to her! After all the holy scriptures declare that “a child shall lead them.” Ladies and gentlemen, people everywhere, here in America, and across the globe, THIS IS THE CHILD! And besides, Hollywood says so. How’s that for an added layer of certainty. 

Greta has been sent by mother earth herself to bring the message to the world that we are all about to die if we do not pay heed to her prophetic message.  As she spreads her message of doom, her disciples demand that we all put aside our capacity to think, and like a bunch of sheep in need of a sixteen year old shepherd, just follow her lead. 

Do not pay any attention to those false prophets who have come before her. Forget that over the last six decades not one of her predecessors have ever made one prophecy that has been fulfilled (and there has been many). She is the real deal! Pay attention to her. She knows what she is talking about.  

The other doomsayers who predicted the end of the world in times past were also certain about their predictions of the perilous times ahead, but that’s another story. They do not need to explain themselves to anyone. Just know that this time…this time…this time, the end really is nigh, and if the world does not pay heed to the young know it all, Greta Thurnberg, it’s over. 

Yeah,  yeah, yeah, everyone hears the protestations. But…but…but you say, what about the fact that Paul Erhlich predicted that millions upon millions upon millions would die of starvation by the 1970s or 1980s because of “overpopulation,” and as a result the end of civilization would ensue? It don’t matter! 

Some remind that Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia said that “within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”. Well it depends on what within a few years means, but just in case anyone missed it the first time, here it is again for your benefit. It don’t matter! 

So what about when climate scientists said that if by the year 2000 the world did not get global warming (or was it climate change?) under control, it would be too late? That was then, this is now. It don’t matter!  

Did you not hear that 98 percent of scientists all over the world have formed a consensus that civilization is about to come to a  cataclysmic halt, and the earth as we know it will be destroyed in a cosmic vortex of CO2? 

Oh oh, there’s that word again…or at least a variation of it…scientists. Please throw all thinking out the window now! Thank you. 

We all know that scientists are incapable of bias right? They are pure as the wind driven snow. They are incapable of promoting political agendas, and whatever they say goes, especially those scientists from that august body called the United Nations. No leftist agendas being driven from there, none whatsoever! 

Most important though, Bill Nye says that we are all about to die if we don’t stop driving SUVs. Bill Nye is the “Science guy” who once upon a time used to hold to the stupid notion that boys are boys and girls are girls. Ok ok…must focus. That’s a whole other issue.  

Anyway, thing is most Americans think that it is important to protect the environment. They want clean air, clean water, they don’t want the forests to disappear, or the land to become a huge dump. That’s why as a country, America has so many laws and mechanisms in place to protect the environment. 

Americans are not against keeping the environment clean at all. They are just against environment worshippers using the environment as an excuse for the government to make more and more laws that impose on people’s freedom, and to push political agendas. 

They also do not buy in to the idea that the world is about to end because of climate change, because in the last 150 years of the earth’s entire existence, the temperature has risen by .08 degrees.

These stupid Americans are just a bunch of science/climate deniers.

Let’s talk climate change!

It’s time to ask an important question! When people talk of climate change, what does that contrast with,  in terms of the ideal? Is it climate constant? 

Washington Post political correspondent Karen Tumulty once said in an interview that “every fifth grader could tell you that climate change refers to unpredictable weather patterns.” What she did not tell everyone is what predictable weather patterns that indicate a normal climate looks like. Let’s go one step further and say that perhaps every third grader knows that climate change refers to unpredictable weather patterns, that still leaves a lot of unanswered questions concerning climate change. 

Once upon a time global warming was promulgated as the major threat to the world, then without any explanation, the danger switched from global warming to climate change. Today climate change stands as the only field of scientific study that is not open to criticism or reexamination. The science is settled they tell us. No dissenting voices are allowed. It does not matter what the credentials of anyone who questions the dogma of climate change as an existential threat to humanity and the earth may be. That person is to be banished from the halls of academia, and the labs of scientific research. That individual is rendered as persona non grata for daring to question the certitude that humanity is in danger of extinction, and that the world is about to be destroyed by climate change. 

So let us go back to the question asked earlier on, climate change as opposed to what, climate constant? If every modern day weather extreme that we experience is a sign that the world is about to end, the experts have to tell us what the specifics are of a climate that is not experiencing change, or a climate that is normal. How do citizens identify normal climate? 

Instead of laying out broad vague terms like “fix the climate,” or “getting the climate under control,” they have to tell the world what the standard will be to determine that the climate has indeed been fixed if all of the recommended remedies are applied.

To be more specific, the experts will have to let everyone know exactly how many hurricanes per year they sonsider as a sign of a climate under control. Will it be the same for the different locations around the world that do experience hurricanes. They will also have to let us know what constant is for the amount, and  category strength of hurricanes that are acceptable during particulars years, but that is not all. They will have to do the same and give specific numbers for tornadoes in each of the states where these spectacular, dangerous wonders of nature take place every year. What is the acceptable margin of error? 

That will still not be enough though. Someone will need to explain approximately what temperature range would be considered as normal during different times of the year. What exactly would be the acceptable constant temperature patterns in the summer months? How high should the temperature be during each month, and exactly how much  seasonal overlap into the other months and seasons is acceptable. 

In the last few years, there has been some really unusual weather in the winter months, with some places across the U.S. experiencing some extremely cold weather while in other places at other times it has been unusually mild. If all of these weather phenomena are signs of the scourge of climate change, then the climate pundits would need to articulate what the goal should be in terms of a climate that has been tamed. What is the constant that indicates winters are no longer experiencing climate change?

It is not sufficient to say that the world needs to stop climate change. To reiterate the point, there must be clear indicators that will help to define a climate that is not changing, and on the way to good health. These professionals will have to give the details for every state, and as they collaborate with other countries, they will have to give us the details for every country. Based on their calculations they will then have to let everyone know what the average climate for the world should be every year going forward.

After achieving the desired temperature range during the winter months, it will be important to highlight the amount of years that these patterns should continue before anything outside of the model is considered as just an aberration, and not a return to a stare of climate distress. 

For the unlearned, the ignorant and the skeptical, these specifics are needed so that they would have a clear understanding of what a world free of climate change looks like. While the pros are at it, perhaps they will also explainthe the details of how to apply their measurments to drought, floods, sea level, and the many other natural occurences that are the result of adverse climate. 

Tell the world exactly what the indicators of predictable weather patterns are so that there is no confusion, so that nothing would be left to chance, and people would know exactly what they are working to achieve.