Black political liberation, the time has come

If you are a black person living in America today, and your biggest fear is the Klu Klux Klan or white supremacy, there’s no other way to put this than to lovingly tell you that your are living in a mental prison.

This is a prison of your own making with lots of assistance from the left, the media and the Democrat Party.

This is an invitation to free yourself from those self binding chains, and to move into the realm of the liberated. Shout it from the roof top that you are a victor and not a victim. Stop walking around with the mindset that in America you are a second class citizen. You are not!

See yourselves as full fledged Americans with the same rights, privileges and range of boundless opportunities to succeed right at your fingertips, as they are for any other individual or group in this country.

Reject the naysayers who constantly tell you that the only way for you to make it in America is to have the back of one hand in the palm of the other, with sad eyes, barely looking upward, waiting on the crumbs that the government throws your way.

This does not have to be the outlook of any black person in America.

Of course it does not mean that life is not sometimes unfair. It does not mean that things will always go our way. It does not guarantee success, because the sad, awful truth is that in life bad things sometimes happen (including racism) despite our best efforts. That’s life!

That is no reason however to walk around with our heads down, and our shoulders slumped, feeling sorry for ourselves because…the white man, the system or any of the other excuses that black people often use as reasons for taking a defeatist approach to life.

There is no reason to always be suspicious of our neighbors simply because their pigmentation may be lighter than our own.

Be alert as every person should always be. The intuition of self preservation is a gift from God, but stop seeing yourself as the hunted. There is no reason for it.

Say no to the race pimps. Wave buh bye to the color hustlers, and reject the ethnoagitators. Tell Al Sharpton, Eric Michael Dyson, Mark Lamont Hill, Charlamagne tha god, and those of their ilk to take their message elsewhere.

Black people are nothing but pawns in a sordid game of chess to white liberals like Pete Buttigiege, Robert Francis O’Rourke, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. These white liberals want nothing more than for black people to see themselves as poor defenseless victims. Each of them wants to project himself as the savior of Black Americans.

In their twisted world view black people need them to survive. Black people are incapable of thriving on their own without them.

They fear nothing more than a black man or woman with a perspective outside of the status quo.

Black people do not have to go the route that these charlatans demand.

Deal with adversity as it surely comes your way. Confront injustice as you encounter it. Fight for your rights when necessary, but as black people in America we do not have to view every shadow as a racist gun.

As black people let us live as free beings with God on our side, charting our own course with guidance from on high.

Live free!

Visitors from the past

Imagine if Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, W. E. B. Dubois, Harriet Tubman and other black freedom fighters, civil rights leaders and educators from from the past were to somehow transmit themselves in to 21st Century America.

They were informed about Barrack Obama, Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and other black Americans who are in, or have been in positions of power and influence all across the country.

They find out about the major cities that are dominated and run by black Americans and they can’t believe it. They look at the military where blacks are respected and have an equal chance of climbing the Military ranks and it brings a smile to their face. Imagine their surprise when these honorable people find out that a black four star general is in charge of the U.S. Military and international forces in the strategic contingency theater of Korea.

In addition to all of this they learn about affirmative action, and all of the programs that many well intentioned politicians and others have put in place to help lift black people out of poverty and in the effort move them forward.

As these stalwarts of history continue to learn about the modern world, they learn about Brown vs Board of education. They learn that the KKK has been neutered and holds no political sway in the country. Everyone of them is pleased to know that even though white supremacy still exist, whenever these bigots attempt to have a rally or some public display of their evil philosophy, they are always outnumbered by protesters at least ten to one. Our group of visitors are delighted when they discover that lynchings are a thing of the past, and the Civil Rights Act was passed decades ago.

It brings a smile to their face when they realize all of the laws that are in place to protect the rights of all citizens. They find out that the government and businesses can, has, and is often sued for racial discrimination. Human Resouces departments all across the country have rigid anti-discrimination rules in place, not only to deal with dicrimination when it happens, but to avoid it from happening in the first place. Everywhere diversity programs are in place to create an atmosphere of tolerance.

This noble group from our past then finds out about zero tolerance policies and they are truly impressed.

While surfing the internet they find out that one of the easiest ways for a white person to be shamed and ostracized is to be labeled as a racist. In this regard they read about people like Paula Dean and Rosanne Barr, George Allen and others who are now treated as castaways because of their perceived racism.

As these great black leaders continue on their modern sojourn, they continue to be enlightened about life in current day America. Each passing moment, they are more and more astonished. They simply cannot believe that black people can travel anywhere they choose, or live anywhere they wish.
They become overwhelmed with what they see and are in shock when they learn about business moguls like Oprah Winfrey, Bob Johnson, Michael Jordan and successful businessmen like Herman Cain.

Now completely flabbergasted by all that they have seen, they find out about sports leagues like the NBA, NFL and even the MLB that are dominated by black people and other minorities. Upon further inquiry they learn out about Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Simone Biles and others. They just cannot get over all of the opportunities that black people have to improve their lives, and they stop to take in all in.

As they try to absorb it all, along comes Al Sharpton, Michael Eric Dyson, Kamala Harris, and other black victocrats with their white liberal enablers to enlighten these black champions.

These victocrats and their white liberal enablers’ sole purpose is to let these giants know that they should not get it twisted and be confused by all of these deceitful signs of progress because black people are still suffering at the hands of the white man in America, and that the whole system is geared to keep the black man subjugated.

Beto O’Rourke emphasizes to them that the system is unjust as it ever was for black people in America, and he brings along Colin Kaepernick to help him reinforce the point.

In the ensuing next few hours Kamala, Al and company proceed to give to our distinguished guests from the past, all the examples that show what a horrible nation America is in 2019 because there are evil people and bad things sometimes happen.

What do you suppose the response of Mr. Douglass, Mr. Washington, Mr. Dubois, Ms. Tubman and the whole group of heroes would be?

Hate crime hoaxes

As hate crime hoaxes go, Jussie Smollet’s was the most high profile, but his fraud was not just an aberration. Hate crime hoaxes are more common than one would think.  They have been happening for years, and for the most part they have been in one direction. They are mostly committed by people on the left trying to portray white hatred. With the election of Donald Trump, hoax hate crimes have increased exponentially. From the muslim woman in “Louisiana who claimed in November 2016 that two white men, one of whom was wearing a Trump hat, attacked and robbed her, taking her wallet and hijab while yelling racial slurs,” to the black church member who was responsible for setting his own church on fire, they were all hoaxes. The media never spent even a fraction of the time they spent promoting the hoaxes as they spent exposing them. Then there was the lefty journalist, Juan Thompson, who alone was responsible for scores of calls threatening to firebomb synagogues. He wanted to make Trump supporters look bad. A 19-year-old Jewish man who is an Israeli-American dual citizen was arrested. Police believe the man made over 120 fake bomb threats in New Zealand and Australia and against scores of Jewish institutions across the U.S.

Imagine if Fox News, the Drudge Report, Newsbusters, the Daily Wire or other alternative media did not exist! All of these would have been swept under the rug.

These are people so desperate to paint America into the image that they want people to believe it is, that they have literally engaged in hundreds of hoaxes or acts of vandalism, then tried to palm it off on Trump supporters or conservatives in general. If it is as bad as the left would have us believe then there would be no need to perpetrate all of these hoaxes.

It is so terrible, that the grand Poobah of all hoaxers gained notoriety and fame after perpetrating one of the biggest hoaxes in America. His name is Al Sharpton, anti-semite supreme. He is a giant in the Democrat Party. This man’s history is there for anyone to examine, but it does not matter. He has never apologized for any of his histrionics, including one incident in which seven people ended up dead. He is a star on the left with his own show nevertheless. That is how great it is to be a Democrat, especially a black Democrat.

The following is a list of hoaxes, and fake news that have been perpetrated going back to just over a year ago. Many of them are less than a year old. This is just a sample to remind people of what we are dealing with when it comes to this issue

Last week prosecutors charged a LGBT activist with burning down that person’s own home with pets Inside. MAJOR HOAX

Jussie Smollet attacked by two MAGA wearing white Trump supporters: HOAX!

White Covington Catholic kids staged racist attack on Native American elder: FAKE NEWS!

Black seven year old girl shot by white assailant in drive by shooting: FAKE NEWS!

Pittsburgh synagogue shooter is a Trump supporter. (FAKE NEWS, the guy actually despised trump).

Drake University studen receives racist notes: HOAX!

On Goucher college someone scrawled “KKK,” swastikas and “I’m gonna kill all n****rs” across Goucher College campus: HOAX!

9 Months ago the South Carolina President of the NAACP claimed he was racially profiled and he complained about a climate of hate: HOAX!

Last July Ciera Calhoun, a black nurse claimed she and her friends were racially profiled by the polcice. Police released body cam footage: HOAX! 

Some months ago a Long Island woman claims four Trump supporters shouted “get out of the country” at her, slashed her tires and left a hateful note on her car. HOAX!

Here is another high profile one –  a Waco restaurant waitress claimed that a law enforcement officer scrawled a racial slur against Hispanics on a receipt: HOAX!

Back in November, according to the Daily Caller “the suspect in a synagogue vandalism act that forced the cancellation of a Democratic event is reportedly a former City Hall employee who worked on anti-hate crime issues, and is a Democratic activist.” No hoax, real, but done and meant to blame Trump supporters. 

There is no shortage of people who have been violently attacked for the simple act of wearing a MAGA hat, but all we ever hear about from the dishonest media is how hateful Trump’s supporters are.